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A is for Astronomer

4 June 2021

A could also be for Autism. Or Amusing. Asexual. Afraid. Alive. Aggrieved. Anxious. Always Awake (I am writing this :point_left: at quarter past one in the morning). These are all words you could use to describe me, just in case you didn’t already know.

I don’t really know yet what this blog will be about. I suppose mainly as a place for me to make observations (see what I did there? :stuck_out_tongue:). Describe what it’s like inside my head as someone with ASD. Provide new perspectives. Maybe show how living my life can have as many benefits as there are difficulties.

But for now, I think I’ll start with A for Anomalous. Is there any better way to start, than to address the elephant in the room? :elephant: